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How to care for a Black Russian Terrier

Jul 30

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Caring for a Black Russian Terrier has its own challenges. To further understand the function of the breed, it was developed to be a military or work dog, used for guarding borders, prisons and even military bases. A dog like this needs a firm handler for it will push its boundaries if it has a weak master.

These dogs need to be physically and emotionally stimulated to be productive and devoted house pets. Due to its work ethic and innate desire to work, it is happy and content when it has a job or task to do. They are a very energetic breed that needs plenty of exercise to channel it positively. Lack of activity will leave it hyperactive and destructive to its surroundings. Health concerns include hip and elbow dysplasia, and progressive retinal atrophy and would need regular check-ups.

The breed demands respect from its owner as well as attention and affection. They are not truly happy unless they are in the company of their human family.

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